Our community is actively monitoring COVID-19 and as a precaution we have implemented our IDC protocols and are conducting ongoing training with our staff and residents. At this time, we are requesting minimizing community visits. If you choose to visit the community, we will require you enter through the main entry, be wearing a face mask, and allow us to take your temperature before proceeding into the community. If you have a temperature or have been ill please refrain from visiting the community. Thank you for helping us keep our residents and your loved ones safe!


To learn more about what our residents are saying read on.

The management and staff are professionals. They handle their responsibilities quite well. At times the residents need special help and the management and staff respond accordingly.

Don D.

I like everything that happens here. I like the staff a lot and appreciate everyone’s willingness to help. The freedom. I still to come and go and the comfort of knowing that someone is here at night gives me a secure feeling. The food is good. Thank you all for what I have as there is no place I would rather be.

Kendra R.

I never liked to make meals so the food is at the top of my list. It is really good food. The staff and residents are all friendly. Always lots of smiles! If the staff is aware that something is not right, they check it out. This makes me feel secure. I also enjoy playing the piano for the residents. They are so appreciative and overlook my mistakes. It is a great place to live when time says you need a lit tle bit of help.

Nancy B.

The green salads, the safety, the long hallways for walking in the winter, everyone is friendly, and I enjoy the activities.

Liz S.

I love going on different trips on the bus, seeing the mountains, the trees and lakes and going out to lunch with the folks. I am honestly happy with Alpine Vista!

Charlotte G.

I am very pleased with Alpine Vista!

Lenard B.

I love living here everyone is nice. I love the food, the games and the outings.

Nancy M.

I am very happy to be a part of ALPINE Vista and being acquainted with a good number of dear folks around here. I am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer here preaching the lord Jesus Christ. Thank You Barb for all that you do and Emmett too.

Pastor Al R.

The people of Alpine Vista. I lived by myself after my husband passed away for a year. Even though I had my neighbors and children I was still alone most of  the time until I came here. After living here, I will never live anywhere else. I like the activities, the singing and the field trips. I love the conversations at mealtimes with the other residents. This feels like home to me and these are my kind of people.

Geneva M.

It makes me smile to not have to cook, do dishes and keep up on a big house. I like the variety of activities that does not require me to drive to. It is nice to see familiar faces on a daily basis. It makes me feel like a family that has been missing in my life.

Jackie M.

Being independent in my pretty apartment. I love the hot meals and sitting with my friends. I enjoy singing with Betty on Tuesdays. The people that work here are always so friendly and helpful.

Alba C.

Because it is a happy place to live. My apartment is cleaned very well by a very caring and pleasant housekeeper. The office staff always is smiling. The kitchen staff is always asking if I need something or do you have enough food. Why wouldn’t I smile living here!

Kathleen B.

I like the safety of our apartments and the security our family has knowing we are here and safe 24 hours a day. Kudos to the employees who do the best that they can with the allotted funds they are given to make us happy. I know often enough that it is not easy.

Doris L.

I like that we can keep our little dog Pico and the security of having everyday help if needed.

Leon and Doris L.

It is nice being around a lot of people and doing things together . All of the staff are so friendly. I enjoy being served meals. I love the short trips we go on and seeing the beautiful area. It makes me smile to get up every morning knowing that I am going to be around so many friendly people.

Leona M.

I like the security and the friendly people here. All of my family are living elsewhere except for my granddaughter so I have adjusted with living here. My dog is happy here. She is so good and never barks. I like my room and having the privacy when I want it.

Lucille S.

The great company from everyone. The delicious food. There is always something to do. You have made this feel like home.


First off I only love certain people and I love my dogs ,but I do not love inanimate objects. What makes me smile is some of the names on the menu.

Vegas Hinrichs

Your optimism, your courage and your strength.

Laura L.

The friendly staff!

Jean W.

I love the fact that I do not have to do the many mundane tasks of daily living, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, changing beds etc. I also like the varied schedule of events. A big hooray to all of the staff that do these things for us.

Marty B.