Our community is actively monitoring COVID-19 and as a precaution we have implemented our IDC protocols and are conducting ongoing training with our staff and residents. At this time, we are requesting minimizing community visits. If you choose to visit the community, we will require you enter through the main entry, be wearing a face mask, and allow us to take your temperature before proceeding into the community. If you have a temperature or have been ill please refrain from visiting the community. Thank you for helping us keep our residents and your loved ones safe!

Heather Charnell


Heather Charnell is our Community Manager, overseeing our staff as well as day to day operations. Heather was raised in Sandpoint and enjoyed working at Alpine Vista during high school. She returned to Sandpoint with her family in 2020, excited to continue her career in management with Alpine Vista. Heather is passionate about building relationships with the Sandpoint senior community, the Alpine Vista residents and their families, as well as our staff. Heather enjoys working with local senior resources and referral agencies to champion Sandpoint’s greatest resource, OUR SENIORS!

Krystle Shapiro


Our office personnel are always happy to make themselves available to assist residents with making appointments, contacting family, addressing envelopes, making copies, finding services in the community, arranging for special transportation or just engaging in pleasant conversation. Our residents are our priority business of the day.

Lisa Alford


Our dining services manager and kitchen staff work diligently to prepare and serve appetizing, nutritious, home-cooked meals. Catering to resident’s preferences for the type of foods they like residents are encouraged to offer up recipes and participate in the monthly dining services meeting. We value resident ideas and input. Along with the daily dining program our staff excels at creating unique dining experiences for many of the events, activities and functions held throughout the year.

Alan Bojorquez

Maintenance Manager

Alan Bojorquez, our Maintenance Manager, takes pride in the appearance of your home and the Alpine Vista community. Alan is responsible for timely repairs, apartment updates and ensuring all community systems are maintained. He is an amazing asset to the community. His personal service to our residents and attention to detail allows us to deliver a carefree and safe home environment. Having resided in Sandpoint for years and working in a variety of technical and mechanical fields, Alan is a crucial member of our team.